Our Vision

The term “avante” translates to “moving forward” and that is what we believe is possible for those struggling with addiction. We believe that all of our clients are taking the most important step in their long lasting recovery and are ready for a new opportunity to be their healthiest, wholehearted selves.

At Avante Recovery Center, we have developed and implemented an original program that helps our clients to move past recovery and be recovered. Our recovery program, honed and refined through the dedicated work our our clinical team, was intentionally created to move beyond the limitations of traditional recovery.

Within Our Recovery Program:

  1. We utilize the most advanced science in western medicine with alternative modalities to facilitate the client’s innate healing response.
  2. We have a carefully designed treatment plan, customized to each individual, that incorporates treatments, modalities, and programs delivered in a synchronized manner to treat the whole person – body, mind, soul and spirit.
  3. We address the root cause of the addiction or disorder to ensure transformational healing occurs.
  4. All factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into account, including environment, relationships, family systems, external stressors, and community.
  5. We utilize the most natural methods of healing whenever possible.
  6. In addition to concepts regarding treatment, we educate clients and promote concepts in health and wellness.
  7. We empower clients with practical tools they can take with them and incorporate into their daily life for continued success.
  8. Our practitioners exemplify the principles we espouse and are committed to our own personal development and growth.
  9. Clients and practitioners are partners in the recovery process.

Many recovery centers simply add some complementary therapies to 12-step or other traditional recovery programs. In our program, these therapies form many of the essential components of our program.

For questions regarding our recovery team, our modalities of treatment, or our facility itself, contact us directly or call us at (801) 341-0009.

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