Substance Abuse Self-Test

Do you or your loved one have a problem with alcohol or substance?

To explore the signs that you or someone you care about may have an addiction, answer the questions below for a completely confidential assessment. This assessment isn’t meant to diagnose or label drug or alcohol use by you or your loved one, but it can indicate if it’s a good idea to seek professional treatment.

Whether you’re worried about a friend or family member or concerned about yourself, recognizing the signs of a drug or alcohol problem is an important first step toward recovery.

Do you want to cut down or stop drinking entirely but can't?
Do you consume alcohol in larger amounts or for longer than you meant to?
Do you spend a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from drinking alcohol?
Do you have cravings and urges to drink?
Is work, home or school, becoming unmanageable because of alcohol?
Do you continue to drink, even when it causes problems in relationships?
Have you given up important social, occupational or recreational activities because of alcohol use?
Do you drink or use substances in situations which are physically hazardous, such as operating an automobile?
Do you have to drink or use more of a substance overtime to get the same effect?
Do you have sleep disturbances, appetite issues, irritability or other physical symptoms when without alcohol or substances?

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