Out of State Drug Rehab

Benefits of Attending Out-of-State Addiction Treatment

Making the decision to enter a treatment facility for addiction is a difficult choice.

Perhaps just as difficult is choosing the right rehab facility for you.

As you evaluate drug and alcohol facilities, consider treatment options that are out of the region, or even out of state. Many Avante Recovery Center clients travel to our facility to focus on an uninterrupted recovery outside their day-to-day community.

Reasons to Attend Rehab Out of State

Attending addiction recovery outside the area offers proven advantages for sustained sobriety. As a Avante Recovery Center guest, you are giving yourself the best chance at recovery—the first time around. You will benefit from:

  • Taking a break from friendships and romantic relationships that may have been a stumbling block in your journey toward clean living.
  • Maintaining your reputation at work and in social circles. For many clients, privacy is essential. At Avante Recovery Center, we help you keep your rehab focused and confidential.
  • A sober community. During your stay at our UT addiction center, you will build a village of confidantes and friends pursuing the same goals that you are.
  • Removal from immediate relapse dangers. It is recommended that people in recovery stay far away from relapse triggers in order to better “cement” their recovery into place. Going to rehab out of state is the perfect way to remove yourself from all-too-familiar environments that tempt you to use.
  • Peace & quiet. Sobriety is hard work. Avante Recovery Center is a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. This type of space keeps you mentally and psychologically focused on the task at hand while providing healing rest for the body, mind, and spirit.

Advantages of Our Central Utah Location

Avante Recovery Center is private and offers easy access to a variety of sights and diversions. Options include:

  • Breathtaking Wasatch mountains for exploring, canoeing, hiking & communing with nature
  • Beautiful Great Salt Lake & historical landmarks ideal for history buffs
  • Excursions to ski resorts and national parks
  • Art museums, botanical gardens & aquariums
  • Nearby shopping, movie theaters, bowling & other diversions

During your in- or out-of-state stay at our Utah rehab facility, you can participate in accredited addiction recovery programs uniquely designed for men, women, young adults and those who are religious-centered. To learn more about Avante Recovery Center’s impressive recovery record, explore our location, or to speak with an admissions team member about insurance and payment options, dial (801) 341-0009 today.

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