How Do I Know If a Loved One Has a Problem With Alcohol or Drugs?

“What is going on with them?”

It can be small mood changes, temper can occasionally flare and they seem to be pushing away from you. At the beginning, a substance use disorder doesn’t seem to fit them. You still see glimpses of the person you know and rationalize that anyone can be experiencing hardships and managing them in their own way.

The problem is, by the time we understand what is occurring with a loved one, the substance use issue has progressed substantially.

We often do not know when our loved ones need help or how to help them. The following are some warning signs which may indicate a need for professional help:

  1. Withdrawal from family, friends or other important social/recreational activities
  2. Disruption in sleep, appetite or behavior
  3. Irrational behavior
  4. Difficulty maintaining finances
  5. Disruption in fulfilling obligations, e.g. school, employment, parenting etc.
  6. Increase in substance/alcohol use time
  7. Using substances or alcohol alone

A substance use disorder is a serious, chronic disease of the brain which requires professional interventions to manage. With the proper clinical interventions individuals can regain control of their health and well-being and implement long-term strategies to maintain their recovery. 

At Avante Recovery Center, our purpose is to provide help for those who are in the throes of an addiction.

We provide your loved ones with individualized treatments, all centered on helping them move forward in life. We don’t expect anyone to have it all figured out. Let us provide their first steps toward recovery so they can clearly see the path ahead.

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