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In simple terms, addiction is a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. In addition to alcohol, drugs and chemicals, addiction includes abnormal psychological dependency. Addictions are symptoms of underlying emotional, physical or soul issues, so we do not treat addictions. We work with you to identify and face the root causes of your addicting behaviors so you can eventually step beyond recovery and symptom management into being whole and recovered.

If anything is having an ongoing negative impact or taking up excess time, thoughts or energy in your life, you most likely have an addiction.

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No. At Avante Recovery Center, we work with the clients to resolve underlying causes of imbalance that produce symptoms like addictions, depression, physical maladies or even a generalized sense of fear or despair. “Addictions” are not just related to the abuse of drugs (illegal and prescribed), alcohol, food, sex or gambling. Addictions are any patterns of behavior or habits that no longer serve you and are often perceived as creating “bad” feelings and are out of your control. We work with people who are stuck, and no matter what the label or diagnosis, we help them get past their blocks.

While we honor and respect all programs and traditions, we do not adhere to the traditional 12 steps. We are here to take you beyond where the steps have left you. We consider ourselves a step beyond conventional treatment, most being 12 step based. Our philosophy is transcending and overcoming any addiction, behavior or illness, rather than living with a disease or diagnosis. We help you to create new neural networks and restructure your cellular blueprint.

Yes, Avante Recovery Center is licensed by The Utah Department of Health as an Adult Residential Behavioral Health Facility. This license covers behavioral health disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. This license also covers substance use disorders such as drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse and dual diagnosis.

No. Services are dependent on your needs, preferences, and level of care.
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We work with insurance companies and with a leading insurance billing company to get the most benefits possible for your treatment. In order for you to use insurance benefits to pay for your treatment you will need:

  • Sufficient coverage for residential treatment as part of your insurance policy, and
  • To meet symptom criteria for residential treatment as established by insurance companies, also known as “medical necessity”

We will give you information about the benefits you have available through your insurance and the estimated amount of your personal financial responsibilities (including co-insurance, deductible and balance not covered by your insurance). We will also give you our best guess as to whether your issues and symptoms meet criteria to access residential treatment benefits that you have on your policy.

Please visit our “Verify Insurance” page so we may begin reviewing your insurance policy.

We also work with self-pay (cash) clients individually for those clients who are not working with insurance and/or who want to participate in our intensive holistic residential treatment program regardless of whether it is covered by their insurance.

No. Avante Recovery Center is not a medical facility and thus, we do not provide detoxification services that require medical supervision. However, for those guests requiring detox, we have established relationships with various detox facilities in Norther, Central and Southern Utah. Additionally, we can arrange for detoxification in your area prior to your arrival. Once you are medically stable and cleared, we can then help you through your remaining social detoxification process.

We understand that individuals may wish to keep their anonymity while in the program, and Avante Recovery Center’s location and philosophy are extremely well-suited for this purpose. Should they wish, you can be fully isolated from the prying eyes of the public, acquaintances, friends, and/or family. Further, when questioned by third parties, it is our policy to neither confirm nor deny the past, present or future presence of any client at Avante Recovery Center.

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