Holistic Treatment

Addiction or dependence isn’t as simple as the use of substances or alcohol, it’s about the reason behind the misuse. Developing an addiction isn’t a character flaw or a sign of weakness, and it takes more than willpower to overcome the compulsion.

At Avante Recovery Center, our purpose is to educate our clients in the care of the body, focusing on the mind, diet, and ensuring health wholeness.



The first part of our holistic treatment is treating the mind.  This is done through advanced modalities such as EMDR and CBT therapies to help find the cause of dependency.

This means looking beneath the surface of symptoms and finding the more fundamental causes of addiction.



The body is a reflection of the mind.  As such, we provide education to achieve optimal health. We provide nutrition series, daily exercises and therapies focused on continued efforts after their time with us.

When your mind, body and spirit are in balance, a  strength and alignment will keep you focused on your recovery.



When the soul is in chaos, your health, mental functioning, relationships, and every aspect of your self become dysfunctional and out of alignment. By treating the mind and body, the soul can grow and begin healing.

Music therapy, yoga, meditation and sound therapy are all activities that are provided at Avante as you recover and find new ways to work these skills into your everyday life.

Why Choose Avante


At Avante Recovery Center we believe in change.

Every day is an opportunity to become our best selves, to shed underlying causes of addiction and rediscover yourself in sobriety. Our individualized treatment and support provides the opportunity to stop the cycle of addiction now and for future generations.

Avante translates to, “moving forward”. Let us help you take those first steps toward recovery.

We have thought of every aspect of recovery and residential care when building not only our luxury Utah center, but also when developing our treatment model and modalities.


We offer results based addiction treatment. This is done by offering a truly holistic approach to recovery. Our team will help educate every patient on how to maintain their progress forward once they leave our facility. Part of this is teaching our clients and their families how to cope with the daily effort to be firm in your goals.

We are realistic and know that the real battle starts when you leave the recovery center, which is why we have one of the most extensive aftercare programs in the country.

When you complete your stay with Avante Recovery Center, you leave with a plan, outpatient appointments, and follow up calls with our staff to ensure your long term success.


Start the process of recovery by entering a residential detoxification center.  Unlike many detox facilities that are more hospital based, our non-medical social detoxification program provides clients with not only the highest level of care, but also a luxury surrounding with all the amenities needed to ease the client into sobriety.


Our luxury residential recovery center is nothing short of top of the line.  We provide a sense of home for you to repose as you work toward recovery. From the library to the game room, to our pool and theater room, you can create a daily balance as you focus on healing while you meet with the best clinical team in Utah.